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Medical School Universitas Gadjah Mada Department
of Health Policy and Management Economics Seminar Series


In the past several decades, health economics has emerged as an established sub-field within the field of microeconomics. Its development both in theoretical and vast amount of empirical research has shaped the design of health policy across the world. Launched in December 2016, this seminar series intend to discuss recent findings on various topics in health economics which are relevant to current Indonesian policy in the health sector. Invited speakers are established or young and emerging researchers in the field of health economics who are preparing to publish their work in reputable peer-reviewed journals. The series will provide technically rigorous discussions as well as a platform for fostering future research collaborations between researchers in the field. The seminar will be held bi-monthly. Topics in the seminar will include:

  1. Health and health services production
  2. Health services demand and utilization
  3. Health services and/or health systems financing
  4. Health measurement
  5. Policy interventions on health-related behaviours
  6. Efficiency aspects of health policy
  7. Organization of health care market

Series Organizer: Giovanni van Empel (MSc Health Economics alumni, University of York; MD student, Universitas Gadjah Mada)

Supervisor : Professor Laksono Trisnantoro (Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management – Universitas Gadjah Mada)

We are open for suggestions on potential speakers for upcoming seminars. For suggestions and more information on these seminars please contact: Giovanni van Empel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  Scheduled Speakers:



Paper Title



Teguh Dartanto, P.hD


video 1   video 2

Expanding Universal Health Coverage in The Presence of Informality in Indonesia: Challenges And Policy Implications

8 December 2016



Darius Erlangga (P.hD candidate, University of York)


video 1   video 2

The Impact of public health insurance on healthcare utilisation in indonesia

24 February 2017



Asri Maharani

(PhD student, University of Manchester) 


The double-edge sword of corporatisation in hospital sector: Evidence from Indonesia

21 April 2017



Hafidz Firdaus

(PhD student, University of Leeds)

Assesing Hospital Performance in Indonesia: An Application of Frontier Analysis Technique

Januari 2018



dr. Fikru Rizal, MSc


Explaining the Fall in Socioeconomic Inequality of Childhood Stunting in Indonesia

November 2018