Artikel Minggu ini - 15 April 2014

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Indicators for tracking programmes to strengthen health research capacity in lower- and middle-income countries: a qualitative synthesis

Cole DC, Boyd A, Aslanyan G and Bates I Health Research Policy and Systems 2014, 12:17 (12 April 2014)

A process evaluation of performance-based incentives for village health workers in Kisoro district, Uganda

Miller JS, Musominali S, Baganizi M and Paccione GA Human Resources for Health 2014, 12:19 (8 April 2014)

Cervical cancer prevention in reproductive health services: knowledge, attitudes and practices of midwives in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

Boris K Tchounga, Antoine Jaquet, Patrick A Coffie, Apollinaire Horo, Catherine Sauvaget, Innocent Adoubi, Privat Guie, François Dabis, Annie J Sasco, Didier K Ekouevi BMC Health Services Research 2014, 14:165 (11 April 2014)

Multidisciplinary teams of case managers in the implementation of an innovative integrated services delivery for the elderly in France

Matthieu de Stampa, Isabelle Vedel, Hélène Trouvé, Joël Ankri, Olivier Saint Jean, Dominique Somme BMC Health Services Research 2014, 14:159 (7 April 2014)

Using the community-based health planning and services program to promote skilled delivery in rural Ghana: socio-demographic factors that influence women utilization of skilled attendants at birth in Northern Ghana

Evelyn Sakeah, Henry V Doctor, Lois McCloskey, Judith Bernstein, Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, Samuel Mills BMC Public Health 2014, 14:344 (10 April 2014)

academic publishing and its implications for knowledge equity in Kenya

Matheka DM, Nderitu J, Mutonga D, Otiti MI, Siegel K and Demaio AR Globalization and Health 2014, 10:26 (9 April 2014)

A Decentralized Event-Based Model Predictive Controller Design Method for Large-Scale Systems

Karim Salahshoor, Mohsen Hadian Automatic Control and Information Sciences. 2014, 2(1),

Impact of postgraduate training on communication skills teaching: a controlled study

Noelle Junod Perron, Mathieu Nendaz, Martine Louis-Simonet, Johanna Sommer, Anne Gut, Bernard Cerutti, Cees P van der Vleuten, Diana Dolmans BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:80 (14 April 2014)

Using cognitive theory to facilitate medical education

Yu Qi Qiao, Jun Shen, Xiao Liang, Song Ding, Fang Yuan Chen, Li Shao, Qing Zheng, Zhi Hua Ran BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:79 (14 April 2014)

Absenteeism among medical and health science undergraduate students at Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Anteneh Assefa Desalegn, Asres Berhan, Yifru Berhan BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:81 (14 April 2014)