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Group IV
Unlimited Health Economics In One Sector

14 May 2014

g4Professor Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid Beserta Presentan di Sesi Ekonomi Kesehatan

Health economics has now become one of the important topics being discussed publicly , for initiating this Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ) in collaboration with the World Health Organization ( WHO ) moved to hold discussions on the show titled The 8th Postgraduate Forum on Health Systems and Policy ( Medical Doctors Migration and Health System Development in South East Asia : Implication for Medical Doctor and Specialists Education ) . In the second session held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 this became the talk of health economics major by presenting five presentan from various countries as well as material that is not only limited to one sector only. In addition , this session was also attended by academics from various institutions and Professor Dato ' Dr . Syed Mohamed Aljunid as a health economist and chairman of the International Centre for casemix and Clinical Coding is the role of moderator .

Three presentan which is part of the Health Insurance System Research Office ( HISRO ) Thailand alternately submit material that is also the research they are doing , all three describe the state of health of the economy in their country . Utoomporn presentan Wongsin who became Thailand's first discuss the estimated unit cost per day of long-term care for the elderly . With the same demographic background , Noble Tharachompoo as presentan similar material that exposes both the projected long-term care spending for the elderly . Unlike the others , Passakorn Suanrueang as third presentan from Thailand is focusing his research on measures promoting the use of drugs with high costs in hospitals associated with the medical benefits of civil servants .

" Noise causes hearing loss is a problem that is reportedly the highest in the industry and become a major economic burden , " said Tahir Noraita who is the speaker of the United Nations University - International Institute for Global Health ( UNU - IIGH ) Malaysia . Point of view of the major health problems that occur in the work area becomes more attractive when he was associating with economic aspects . Promotion and prevention is the most appropriate way for the case relating to the occupational health .

In this event the international level , Haerawati Idris from Indonesia is also not to be outdone in expressing the results of research on the demand for evidence in Indonesian traditional medicine practice . Results of research conducted on 1,794 personal with over 40 years of age criteria is proving that the income and expenditure , education , activities of daily living , chronic disease , and age affect the demand for traditional medicine is now rife in Indonesia such as acupuncture , herbal medicine , to treatment based religion . Not only in Indonesia , both industrialized countries and developing countries , traditional medicine has now become an alternative solution for the community : 70 % Canadian , 40 % Chinese , 80 % African , 49 % French and 42 % American with a variety of treatment methods . When associated with the problems highlighted throughout presentan in this session , it is evident that economic health is not limited to certain sectors and activities is also expected to be a ' scolding ' for other institutions as well as the starting point for the public interest in sectors of the economy to health care .

Reporter: Triana Primadewi