LETTER: Health care should be based on need

WHAT we need is a health care system that caters for the needs of all Sunraysia residents.

The facilities needed should be based on what those needs are.

Those needs should be well ­researched so that the appropriate assets to meet them can be put in place.

Jeff Kennett and his party have a philosophy that says free enterprise is the answer to all problems and we are the recipients of an ­experiment of that philosophy.

However, in the US, where there is great faith in free enterprise, the health care system costs that country twice as much as comparable developed countries who have health care systems supported and run by the state. While the US has centres of ­excellence, its general outcomes fall far short.

What we need is a well managed health system that is transparent and ­accountable to the community.

It is time the state took respons­ibility and made sure this community has the health system that we need and works for everybody.

Lindsay Leake,


source: http://www.sunraysiadaily.com.au/story/5908686/letter-health-care-should-be-based-on-need/