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Free Paper Oral Presentation Session II
Group III : Universal Health Coverage

14 May 2014

Once established this practice in 2014 , Indonesia continues to undergo assessment and improvement efforts of Universal Health Coverage ( UHC ) , especially health policy researchers . Post Graduate Forum ( PGF ) and systems related to health policy - 8 in 2014, UHC is also raised as a topic in an oral paper presentation sessions . Presenters came from Thailand and Malaysia to deliver his paper on this occasion . Presenter Thailand delivered three papers with research sites in the country of Thailand . While the presenter Malaysia delivered two research papers which are located in the country of Malaysia and Indonesia .

Three papers from Thailand using the Hospital as a research location . It is relevant to state that Thailand has implemented UHC advance . So the assessment has reached the stage of realization in the field . Aungsumalee Pholpark and colleagues as the first presenter of this session related research convey the level of satisfaction of users of various health insurance schemes in Thailand . The findings show the user group Universal Coverage Scheme ( UCS ) increasingly lower levels of education and the elderly tend to have higher levels of satisfaction . This group has the character helpless , less able to express their opinions , and have no expectations or demands more . Although the results of this study are not much different from other studies , but the fact of the vulnerable groups identified but difficult to be an interesting thing to note .

Weena Promporaset and colleagues delivered a paper titled Accessibility and Utilization in Registration of Geographical Variable Universal Coverage Scheme at Referral Hospital , Bangkok . Researchers examined whether the accessibility and utilization patterns associated with health outcomes (outcomes ) in patients with diabetes who have a different geographic registration of the system of universal coverage . The next presenter , Arnat Wannasari deliver his paper , Hospitalization Rates for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions : Measuring the Accessibility and Quality of Primary Care under the Universal Coverage Scheme , Thailand . The findings show the rates of hospitalization for acute conditions the highest category compared with other ACSC .

Azimatun Aizuddin Noor and colleagues to share experiences in the field in eliciting Willingness to Pay ( WTP ) in the related field. The majority of respondents are willing to pay a contribution to the national health financing scheme . However , the majority of respondents are not willing to pay more for subsidized health services . Last presenter , Ade Suzana Eka Putri and colleagues , through his paper entitled Social Health Insurance for Universal Health Coverage in City of Padang , Indonesia : Protection Against Catastrophic Health Expenditure show of some kind of health insurance in Indonesia Out of Pocket ( OOP ) is still JAMKESMAS high and Jamkesda . One is the limited budget penyebnya ( Local Government ) can not include the number of users of the collateral . Variety of Indonesian health insurance in 2012 attracted the participants , one of which is the implications of this research results on the measures taken by the Government of Indonesia . Hopefully that health policy-related research has considerable implications for the government into consideration in policy and programs launched in the health sector . Universal Health Coverage ( UHC ), which is currently under way in Indonesia should also continue to consider the results of studies of health insurance policies in the previous era . So that the problem does not recur earlier and be perfected in the era of the UHC .