Klasifikasi Keyword Abstrak

  Communicable diseases, HIV-AIDS, and vaccines

  Costs of care

  Discrete Choice Experiments

  Economic evaluations and methods

  Equity and equality

  Health care reform

  Health financing

  Health policy

  Health professions

  Health providers and patient choice

  Hopital and hopital management

  Maternal and child health

  Mental health and elederly health issues

  Non-communicable diseases, tobacco, and nutrition

  Patient behavior and behavioral economics

  Pharmaceutical and substances

  Private sector in universal health coverage era

  Quality of care

  Service delivery, access and health care utilization

  Universal Health Coverage


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Chean Men Rithy
Chean & Jaco Research

Social health protection for NCDs in Cambodia

Demand Side Interventions to Boost Access to Affordable Health Services in Low Income Settings: The Cases of Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Rwanda



Donald Shepard
Brandeis University

Cost-effectiveness of Insecticide Treated Wall Liner for Malaria Prevention in Rural Western Kenya

Malaria and Dengue: Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of Control Strategies Against Two Major Mosquito-Borne illnesses

Jason Abaluck
Yale University

Dynamics of Plan Choice in Medicare Part D

Health Insurance Choice

Lo Veasnakiry
Ministry of Health

Cambodia – Scaling up and consolidation of health equity fund under national health financing policy reform

Beyond Bismark and Beveridge: Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Protecting the Poor in Cambodia, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Ulla Kou Griffiths London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Cost-utility analysis of cataract surgery and refractive error correction in Zambia

Economics of Eye Health: New Methodological Approaches to Measure Costs and Benefits of Eliminating Avoidable Blindness

Yara Halasa
Brandeis University

Dengue in India: Cost of illness

Malaria and Dengue: Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of Control Strategies Against Two Major Mosquito-Borne illnesses

Alex Robson

Griffith University

Price Carrots and Income Tax Sticks in Private Health Insurance Markets: Fiscal Implications and Welfare Consequences

Theoretical Studies of the Impacts of Australian Healthcare Reform Policies on Healthcare Markets

Brendan Mulhern University of Sheffield

Using a Discrete Choice Experiment Incorporating Duration to Value Health States: A Feasibility Study Using EQ-5D-5L

Discrete Choice Experiments: A Review of the Methodological Challenges of Applying DCEs to Value Generic Quality of Life Measures

Marleen Dekker
Leiden University

Understanding participation in community based health insurance: findings from Togo

Health Care Financing Reforms and their Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies from Ethiopia, Togo, Rwanda and Burundi

Sergio Prada Universidad de Icesi

A systematic measurement and new evidence of the costs of providing health care in Colombia

The Production and Costs of Health Service Across Developing Countries

Andrea Leiter-Scheiring
University of Innsbruck

Risky Sports and the Value of Life Saving Information

Public Health Issues

Christopher Hollenbeak
Pennsylvania State University

Efficiency Evaluation of Healthcare in Pennsylvania Prisons

Economic Evaluation of Systems

Edwine Barasa
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Examining Priority Setting and Resource Allocation Practices in Hospitals: The Case of a District Hospital in Kenya

Hospital Quality

Evelyn Thsehla
Council for Medical Schemes

What are the key contributing factors for hospital admissions, readmission rate and day cases within the South African medical schemes community?

Hospital Quality

Filipinas Bundoc
University of the Philippines

The role of frequency and timing of antenatal care seeking in securing neonatal survival: a Philippine case

Child Health

Gert Westert
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

The Dutch Atlas of Health Care Variation; transparency needed to increase efficiency.

Assessing Reform

Heather McLeod Ministry of Health

Estimating the Future Need for Palliative Care: a tale of two methodologies

Economic Evaluation Methods

Hyun-Woung Shin Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs

Determinants of Health Care Spending Growth in a Government-Funded Medical Assistance Program: Evidence from South Korea

Government Financing for Health Care

Ian Anderson
World Bank

Plenty amidst scarcity: The case of Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu

Government Financing for Health Care

Jackie Mundy
AusAID Health Resource Facility

Evolving health care financing issues in East Asia and the Pacific

Government Financing for Health Care